The Shoalhaven Men’s Convention features male preachers 
speaking honestly to other men about real issues
that affect them as Christians.

The Shoalhaven Men’s Convention is a nondenominational ministry with 5 simple aims:

  1. To help strengthen the faith of men loving a real God.
  2. To share Christ with other men.
  3. Help men to identify their sins and struggles and address them with the Word of God.
  4. To create strong men in every area of life.
  5. To help bring men to spiritual maturity and to encourage them to live with integrity, honour and strength.

With these aims in mind, our focus this year is:

We hope the preaching of our speaker and others will inspire and challenge you to live for God in a real way.

The Shoalhaven Men’s Convention is now in its 7th year.



Key Note Speaker: Rick Smith

Rick grew up in Wollongong and then went on to study in Sydney and work in Human resources. After beginning his ministry almost 20 years ago, Rick has accumulated a wealth of experience in Church Planting and as a Senior Pastor. He is presently working with The Centre for Ministry Development, a part of Moore Theological College that is aiming to grow the effectiveness of Ministers and the Churches. He has been married for 30 years to Michelle and has 4 grown children.


“Only When our lives are centred on the Gospel of Christ are we able to live for Christ”.
Trevor Archer and Tim ThorboroughMen of God

2017 Convention
Saturday 25th Feburary